micro block 3

acid fast
mycobacteria and nocardia
acid and alkali resistant
mycobacteria tuberculosis
serpentine/cord factor
mycobacteria tuberculosis
obligate aerobe
mycobacteria tuberculosis and pseudomonas
night sweats
mycobacteria tuberculosis
tuberculoisis – IC- granulomatous lesions
mycobacteria tuberculosis
disseminated TB- osteomyelitis- pott’s spine (vertebra)
mycobacteria tuberculosis
2 diseases for mycobacteria tuberculosis:
tuberculosis and disseminated TB (osteomyelitis- potts spine)
m. bovis
scrofula, unpasteurized milk
granuloma w/ giant cells
mycobacteria leprae
2 types of mycobacteria leprae
tuberculoid lepresy- hyperpigmented patches, anesthesia of skin
lepromatous lepresy- nodular skin lesions, saddle nose
atypical mycobacteria
1. kansassi
2. marinum
3. scrofulaceum
4. MAC
hyperpigmented patches, anesthesia of skin
tuberculoid lepresy
nodular skin lesions, saddle nose
lepropmatous lepresy
lung disease identical to TB, midwest texas, CD4 < 500
mycobacterium kansasii
fish tank granuloma
mycobacterium marinum
scrofula- cervical adenitis in kids
m. scrofulaceum, GROUP 2- scotochromagens (pigment in dark)
indistinguishable from TB, CD4 < 200
MAC. GROUP 3- non-chromagens
produce SOME ATP
types of rickettsia
1. rickettsae rickettsae
2. coxiella burretti
3. rickettsia prowazeki
weil-felix test
two rickettsae rickettsae ticks:
dog tick dermacenter variabilis (east)
dermacenter endorsori (west)
rocky mountain spotted fever
rickettsae rickettsae. vasculitis, petechia
Q fever
coxiella burretti ((rickettsae)
pneumonia and hepatitis COMBO
coxiella burretti ((rickettsae)
“saw birthing of farm animal”
coxiella burretti ((rickettsae). urine, feces, placental
“war times, overcrowding”
ricketsia prowazekii
transmitted between humans by body louse
ricketsia prowazekii
epidemic typhus
ricketsia prowazekii
PPD TEST: >15 mm:
w/o risk factors
PPD TEST: >10 mm:
w/ risk factors
PPD TEST: >5 mm:
poor immunity system, HIV
NO ATP production
obligate IC parasite
infectious body of chlamydia:
elementary body
metabolically active body of chlamydia:
reticulate body
3 type of chlamydia:
-psittaci (atypical pneumo)
-trachomatis (15 immunotypes A-L)
atypical pneumonia from infected/imported birds. inhaling dry bird feces
chlamydia psittaci
chlamydia trachomatis A-C
trachoma-chronic conjunctivis
hot regions, africa, asia
chlamydia trachomatis D-K
GU infections- men: urethritis, epididymitis, prostitis
-women: cervicitis- PID
“can’t see, pee, climb a tree”
chlamydia trachomatis L1-L3
lymphogranuloma pneumonia- STD w/ lesions on genitals
inclusions containing glycogen
chlamydia trachomatis
atypical pneumonia, bronchitis, arethrosclerotic plaques
chlamydia pneumonia
1. salmonella enteritidis or typhiurium (motile and H2S prod)
2. shigella- non motile and non H2S
3. yersinia entercoliticia
atypical pneumonia:
1. chlamdyia pneumonia- respiratory aerosols
2. legionalla: AC vents/H2O
3. mycoplasma: wall-less
4. chlamydia psittaci- infected birds
branching filaments, anaerobe
actinomyces israelii
sulfur granules in pus
actinomyces israelii
lesions on face/neck/chest/abdomen,
actinomycosis (actinomyces israelii)
difference between actinomyces israelii and nocardia asteroides
nocardia has NO sulfer granules
branching filaments, aerobe, weakly acid fast
no sulfer granules
lung infections, abscesses & sinus tracts
types of mycoplasma:
pneumonia, hominis
mycoplasma pneumonia (smallest)
rod shaped w/ tapered tips
mycoplasma pneumonia
difference between mycoplasma pneumonia and legionalla’s atypical pneumonia:
mcyoplasma has cold agglutination (Abs against RBC)
mycoplasma hominis
non-gonococcal urethritis
#1 chlamydia
#2 ureaplasma
#1 non-gonoccal urethritis
cat scratches/bites
bartonella (spreads btwn cats by fleas)
bacillary angiomatosis resembling kaposi’s sarcoma
fist fights and human bites
“clue cells”
in vaginal epithelium, gardnerella
bacterial vaginitis
chocolate agar with factor X (heme) and NO V (NAD)
hemophilus ducreyi
painful chancroid
hemophilus ducreyi (“ducreye makes you cry”)
proprionibacterium acnes
whipple’s disease
entericolitis indistuishable from shigella and salmonella
yersinia enterocilitica
mesenteric adenitis
yersinia pseudotuberculusis

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